Author Intrusion is a writing environment inspired by development tools such as Visual Studio and ReSharper.


  • Keyboard Centric: Every command is accessible from the keyboard.
  • Cross Platform: This is written and tested on both Windows and Linux. In theory, Mac OS X is also supported but not currently being tested.
  • Designed to work with source control: All of the files are text files without compression, this way deltas for text-based source control can efficiently track and restore versions.

Current State

At the moment, Author Intrusion is alpha software. It has been used to write a number of novellas and short stories, but doesn't have even the minimal features to be considered stable.

Planned Features

The original reason this project was started was to create a grammar checker that is intelligent enough to give different rules for dialog verses narrative, to identify overruse (but not prevent) passive voice and gerunds, and expand the metadata that D. Moonfire already uses in his text-based system.

Inspirations and Influences