When we were playing Exalted, most of the maps of Creation were very pretty but after a few rounds of terrain-altering Charms and it quickly became out of date. We also needed more details as we expanded the world. So, we created a vector-based version of Creation (and eventually threw it into Google Maps). We created it with multiple layers so we could add mountains when needed, gouge out a few lakes, and establish cities like proper Lunars.

To download the map, follow the source link.


The map was created using SVG in Inkscape. Because SVG is a vector-based format, it scales easily to focus on details for the map or see an entire Direction in a single image.

A full map of Creation in small detail Image of the Blessed Isle

This was used pretty heavily when we created an online version of the map which let us scale down to a one kilometer scale which we then had local maps. While this map doesn't have that much detail, we found that we easily added details into the SVG for specific cities and it merged seamlessly with the rest of the map.


The source file includes all of the layers in the map. This allows the Storyteller to add or remove points of interest. Even the individual altitude levels can be removed and added, just in case a circle of Solars decide to remove a mountain or Sidereals relocate an inconvenient mountain.

The source SVG file also has a fairly detailed level of layers inside it. This way, if you don't use the same number of Celestial Gates (our local game used 108 for the 108 Stars of Destiny instead of the canon gates), then just duplicate the layer, hide one, and alter the other.

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