Exalted is a tabletop RPG by White Wolf. It was also a game played by Moonfire Games for almost a decade. And, with an interest in the game came various tools to make it easier to work with.

In 2008, the Exalted gaming group broke up. Because of that, these projects aren't really being maintained because there wasn't sufficient interest to keep them going. They are kept online because there are still thousands of players out there who may find the tools useful. And some day, we might return to Exalted.

  • Scroll of the Lands: A fan-made reworking of Mandate of Heaven in an attempt to make the rules closer to the storyteller/player relationship. It was an ambitious project that was, sadly, halted before it could be completed.
  • Map of Creation: A SVG (vector) map of Creation.
  • Online Map of Creation: The SVG map implemented as a Google map.
  • Jabber (XMPP) Dice Bot: A XMPP client that performs dice rolling for Exalted.
  • Exalted Trackers: A pair of SVG images used to track turns and actions along with a character's current status. Intended to be used with push pins and cheap cork boards from a dollar store.
  • Exalted Schema: An attempt to create a common XSD for charms, items, and characters in Exalted to faciliate moving from the various character tracker applications out there.
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