The philosophy of Moonfire Games is scratching an itch. That itch might be trying to solve a problem or the desire to play a fun game. It doesn’t matter if that itch is small or large because sometimes the tiniest of problems can be the most maddening. Because of that, this site has a random assortment of games, applications, and libraries that have, at one time, been useful or just fun. Projects are started and stopped as needs dictate. Even if projects are currently not under development can still be brought to life.


CuteGod is a block-based, sandbox game inspired by Lost Garden’s challenge.


House rules and playing aid’s for White Wolf’s Exalted.

Author Intrusion

An editor for writers with support for context-sensitive grammar and world building.

MfGames Media

Command-line utilities to work with various media application such as MythTV, Tellico, or TMDB.

MfGames Writing

Utilities for working with text-based file formats to support writing novels and stories.