MfGames .NET Libraries

This is a monorepo that contains a variety of libraries and programs for use with C# and other .NET languages.


  • Cryptography - Utility functions and helpers for working with encryption and cryptography
  • Gallium - A simple Entity-Component-System (ECS) based on System.Linq
  • IO - Utilities, helpers, and extensions for the System.IO namespace
  • Locking - Wrappers around SlimReadWriteLock and other locking
  • Markdown - A library for manipulating, transforming, and querying Markdown documents
  • Nitride - A static site generator (plus others) library based on Gallium.
  • TestSetup - An opinionated setup for Xunit that uses Autofac and Serilog
  • ToolBuilder - An opinionated library for easily creating CLI tools using subcommands