Online Documentation (MfGames .NET Libraries)

When we started Nitride in May 2021, we always intended to convert all our websites to use the new system. Admitedly, we started with the most complex sites because that would iron out the more complex problems we were trying to solve with Nitride. And there were some rather significant patterns to iron out over the years.

But was one of those lynchpins for the entire migration because if a program or library isn't documented, it can't be ever be done. And we had examples and patterns, but no good place to point someone who might be interested in using Nitride with something narrative instead of “look at the tests” or “look at these examples.”

Now we have it. Adding documentation to our ./docs/ folder will automatically show up on the website. That will also open up the ability to write tutorials on how to use the library, news of what is going on that can be subscribed with feed readers (and maybe a mailing list), and generally those little polish things needed to call something “done.”

Here is to the next big step.