Redesigned the Site

It's been decades since I've last took an effort to organize the site. The first thing that had to go with the bright colors that made my (now older eyes) hurt. The site was also somewhat stale since I haven't spent those years not coding, I just couldn't update the site because the site generator (CobblestoneJS) was no longer maintained (by me) and I had switched my main blog and fiction over to Nitride.

This is also a chance to shuffle out some long-dead projects into the attic to look at later. That means things like my Exalted online map (it's been sixteen years) and the Storyteller aids have been taken out. Otherwise, like the never-ending desire for Author Intrusion or my culture library, may return as they are developed again. I still have a pressing need for both of them, I just haven't worked on either for a while.

Not everything on the site is done, but I feel the need to get something out as soon as reasonable and then add more details over time. Mainly, I want to document some libraries and being able to see them is important to me.