Renaming MfGames.Crypto to MfGames.Cryptography (MfGames .NET Libraries)

For many years, “crypto” really meant only one thing in the programming world: cryptozoology. No, actually “cryptography.” However, with the advent of web3 and cryptocurrencies, the world “crypto” is becoming muddled and no-longer obvious of its purpose.

Recently, BouncyCastle has gone through a little refactoring themselves after starting with BouncyCastle then renaming themselves to Portable.BouncyCastle and finally BouncyCastle.Cryptography. Overally, we like the final name and it was inspiration for us doing the same.

So, it isn't really marked as a “breaking” change, but MfGames.Crypto is being renamed to MfGames.Cryptography. And, to avoid the struggle we had with BouncyCastle, the namespace also was changed to reflect that change.